Intermediate Skills Class

Ismael Araya is a magician when it comes to upgrading your surfing skills. If you are an intermediate surfer (meaning someone who has surfed a number of times and can already stand on a board), you are going to learn many new skills to take with you wherever you take your board.

You will learn/revise the following aspects of surfing on this course:

Board Selection - One of the most important parts to any surfing session is selecting the right board for your skill level and surf conditions. Whether you bring your own board or use one of ours, we will discuss what would be the optimal board for you.

Paddling technique - Many surfers use a lot of extra energy to move their board their board. We will teach you to paddle efficiently so that you can stay in the water for longer.

Wave Selection - The wave count on a surf session can vary enormously depending on your wave selection. Not only do you need to be able to read the wave well, but your also need to position yourself in the right spot to give yourself the best chance of catching the wave.

Catching a Wave - This is all about position in relation to the wave. As it moves towards you, we will teach you how to adjust the speed and direction of your paddle in order to be positioned in just the right place to pop-up.

Pop-up - Here we will teach you how to improve your pop-up to set you up for a great ride. Staying low and keeping your eyes forward to help keep your body weight correctly balanced.

Riding the wave - Once up on the board the true artistry begins. Depending on the type of wave, you will learn how to get the most out of your board by riding rail to rail.

Exiting the wave - Even the way you exit a way will be taught to help you recover quickly and start padding back to the outside.