About Ismael

Ismael is our lead instructor and national hero here in Costa Rica.

Here are a few words about him our Lion Surfer... a quote from www.theinertia.com:

"I think it’s fair to say most, if not all surfers, can never really be pulled out of the ocean. It’s probably by no coincidence that salt is in man’s blood just like it is in the ocean; the universe works in funny ways like that. For these reasons we can easily understand and easily draw inspiration from adaptive athletes, with surfers usually topping that list of motivational people.

Ismael Araya is no exception. A beloved surf instructor and local legend around Costa Rica, Ismael almost lost his life and his legs in a motorcycle accident. But like we said, there’s this thing about surfers that prevents us from staying out of the ocean. He was back in the water as soon as possible, reminding us that nothing has to stop you from doing what you love most. "