3 reasons to take surf lessons with us


We want you to have fun

Our school is dedicated to ensuring you have an amazing time during your surf lessons. As you enter the water, the instructor will help catch the spirit of 'Pura Vida'. This is a sport that is ALL about having fun. The lesson will be tailored to ensure you get a great work-out, learn new skills, all with a big smile across your face.


Consistent waves and warm water

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is one of the few places in the world that enjoy consistent swells and ideal conditions for surfing all year around. Plus, the water is warm so you don't need to wear a wetsuit. We warn you though, you might get so spoilt enjoying our beautiful surf you may want to extend your stay.


Learn from Ismael Araya

Ismael Araya, head instructor, is the national surf champion for the Costa Rican Adaptive Surf Team. Beyond his expert instruction he has a sixth sense for understanding what you need in the water and you will always feel safe, supported and inspired.

Types of Lessons

Logistics and Cost

We will help you pick the right surf board for you.

Deciding which surf board to use is critical for a successful lesson. Based on your skill level we will help you pick the right board for you and use it throughout your time with us. Beginners and especially kids prefer floaty foam boards, intermediate surfers prefer fiberglass boards for improved maneuverability. We have your back and will ensure you get the on the right stick for your session.

Lessons start at $55 USD for a 2 hour session, include board rental.

Prices will vary based on group size and ages. Plus we provide VIP classes that include refreshments. Call us for more information on setting up the right surf package for you.

New to Santa Teresa?

There are many on-line resources to help you find the perfect accommodation and eateries to fit your budget. Start here to begin planning your trip.

Santa Teresa Surf school

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